Achnahaird to Achilitibuie. 7 Miles.

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

The weather turned windy and wet as we left the camp site at Achnahaird. This summer has been so depressing weather wise as we dont seem to get two days strung together that are the same. The camera that I use for taking snaps has gone on the blink again and Im left with my phone camera which is of such poor quality that I hardly bother using it. This is the second time the camera given up on me and Im sorely tempted to drop it into a bog.

Audrey and I set off and battled up the road into a strong head wind. Eventually we reached the top of the hill and looked over to the village of Altandu and the Summer Isles which on a good sunny day would look impressive Im sure. Unfortunately for us, it was a wet misty day and the photo (above) was the best I could get. It is so frustrating as the scenery here is breathtaking, however if the clouds come down low or its chucking it down with rain suddenly the area feels very remote and hostile. Im dreading to think what its going to be like in the winter, and I havent decided whether I will carry on walking through the winter months or not. I want to get the walk finished within a reasonable time frame, but realistcally I can expect to have another 3 years walking before I finish, but Im not sure if really want face a Scottish winter in very isolated areas.

Anyway, eventually Audrey and I reached Achiltibuie with its Hydroponicum. That night we went to the Summer Isles hotel and had some cheese and wine in the bar which was really enjoyable.

More Photos


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