Scourie to Kylestrome. 11 Miles

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Today was a better day weather wise. Jamie and I set off for the road journey between Scourie and Kylestrome. Last night we stayed at the camp site at Scourie and popped into the restaurant on the camp site for something to eat. After our long walk in the rain yesterday I thought we reckoned we could treat ourselves so we had fish and chips and scampi. How come food always tastes much better when you are starving and you feel as if you have done something to deserve it!

Today was another day however and Jamie spent most of the time plugged into his mum’s mp3 player. That suited me as I wanted to just get my head down and get a few miles down without distraction. I find that is the case – I always seem to start slowly and kind of hobble along for the first couple of miles until Ive managed to loosen everything off. After a few miles we took the path off the road to Duartbeg which was a nice distraction.

Near the end of the walk we came to the view point above Kylestrome and the scenery was breathtaking – ahead of us lay us the region of Assynt with the mountain of Quinag and various lochs spreading out before us. We were nearly there and we just had the walk down to cross the Kylestrome bridge. Once we arrived we headed to the hotel and I left Jamie there while I cycled back (on Jamie’s bike!) to Scourie to pick up the van.

Its been great having Jamie with me although we have had our “moments”. But if you spend anytime with someone 24 / 7 and doing something that is pretty tiring then you are bound to rub one another up the wrong way. But I would say 90% of our time together was good, although I’m sure if you asked Jamie he wouldn’t really want to repeat it anytime soon. Thats just because he is a teenage boy and would rather be anywhere else than walking along with his dad, which Im sure he would describe as “lame”. I think really all Im trying to do is to hope that by osmosis or some unconscious method, the “reality” of the great outdoors will work into his psyche and maybe when he is much older he will remember this trip and want to re-explore the land. I live in hope 😉

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One Response to Scourie to Kylestrome. 11 Miles

  1. Sam C says:

    Thanks for this, I’m taking a group up to Kylestrome soon. The bridge looks impressive!

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