Blairmore to Laxford Bridge. 13 miles.

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

Audrey headed south today leaving me desolate and alone again. No matter – soon I was hirplin ower the heather, or rather I was hirplin ower the tarmac, as it was all road today. Mostly downhill too, (not as Davie the Cape Wrath bus driver explained to a cyclist that the road was “uphill all the way there and back too.)

The road more or less took me down through the fishing village of Kinlochbervie, (sounds a romantic place, but isnt really) and on to where it meets the main A road at Richonich hotel. It didnt rain despite the threat of it and I made good time and arrived at the van at Laxford Bridge at about 5. It was there where I saw the “Monarch of the car park” (see photo above). This stag was happily grazing along with a couple of females just next to the car park at Kylestrome Bridge. They watched nonchalantly even when I got out the van and stomped up and down. Odds on they will be in a can of Baxter’s Game soup next week.


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