Durness to Balnakeil. 10.5 Miles

Balnakeil Dunes

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

Today was a tad better weather wise and I was looking forward to walking through Durness and on to the point at Faraid head where the massive sand dunes could be found. Audrey wasnt feeling too good today, so she gave the walk a miss but I carried on like a brave soldier. Speaking of sojers – this area is a training ground for the military and the sojers play games up here. When I was walking through the dunes, a huge roar overhead took me by surprise – I looked up to see a fighter plane passing directly above me – probably only a 100 ft above me. Around the corner tucked behind one of the sand dunes was a military vehicle with a sojer whose turn it was to have a shot on the radio. Im guessing that they were playing some kind of hide and seek game. As in, “ok I’ll hide somewhere in the north of Scotland, and you fly up from Fife or wherever and you have to spot me, then if you do its ma shot and you hiv tae hide somewhere” Anyway, they looked like they were having fun.

Durness is one of those typical highland villages that has houses smeared over the hillside in a random manner. The focal point in Durness is the pub / restaurant of the village, which seems to be always busy, despite being closed in the afternoon. The food was good when we went, although I was so hungry I could have eaten a scabby heided wean without stopping to question the ethics of doing such a thing. Also, I find if you have have been out in the fresh air all day, a single pint of gwinss or a glass of Vino Collapso, turns me into a slobbering nuisance who cant get my words out in the right order. Fortunately for Audrey, who bankrolls these expeditions, it costs her hardly a baw-bee as I’m usually knackered and ready to crash by 9.00 o’clock.

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