Tongue to Hope. 16 miles

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Today I decided that I would split the walk into two bits. I would walk north from the causeway at Tongue to Talmine, do a circular loop around the bay at Strathan and then head back and walk along the track which runs parallel to the main road till we reached Hope. That way I could do two walks of about 8 miles each. This is another cunning psychological ruse that I often use to kid myself that I dont have to walk 16 miles or whatever. Break the distances into manageable bite size chunks, and tick them off. However if you find that each chunk is the size of a single step, then that means you have bitten off more than you can chew and you shouldnt kid yourself on that you are Rambo, cos your not.

And thats exactly what I did. My legs were sore at the end of the walk and I had to stop on the bridge at Hope. There I slaughtered a sacrificial lamb and my feet improved so that I could climb the hill to the van. It broke my heart to kill that lamb that I had carried in my rucksack all the way from Bettyhill.




One Response to Tongue to Hope. 16 miles

  1. Anna says:

    At last I have got to the web site! Great photos – I think I’ll do it when you’re finished! Sent it to wilco – to hook him in to coming over some time!

    Anna X

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