Reay to Melvich. 6 miles.

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

Just a short walk today as I was running out of options to get to the start of the walk today. The buses had dried up and the only public transport that was available was the post bus which delivered junk mail twice annually. Just as I was giving up on the idea of getting to Reay to start the walk, a woman I had met earlier in a cafe stopped in her landrover and gave me a lift back to radiation city.

I walked along the road a wee bit and then consulted my XDA orbit which has all my OS maps loaded on it for Scotland. OK I know Im a geek, but I love the technology. The XDA has all my Ordnance Survey maps loaded, and it has an fm radio station built-in that I can listen to Jeremy Vine on radio 2; although doing that always makes me depressed. One good feature however is it’s GPS system which I can use to track my progress. So I could see there was a track leading off the main road which took me to Melvich via Big House which was on the other side of the river. Once I scrambled along the non existent path for 3 miles, I finally stopped at an unusual cairn and met the local Postie as he prepared his roll up in his van. We chatted for a bit about how paths on maps dont always exist. After a bit of this banter, he told me look carefully at the other side of the cairn and sure enough at the bottom there was a small opening with a few rusted coins in it. These coins must have dated back to the early 1970’s and were therefore antiques and not to be taken lightly. Apparently, the coins were put there for the ferryman to take people across the river before the bridge was built. I thanked him for the information and got the hell out of there as soon as possible as the man was obviously barking.

Tally Ho!

More Photaes

Map of walk


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