Castletown to Thurso. 6 Miles

May 22, 2007

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

This was a short walk because I had to use the local bus service to get back to my campervan and I couldnt trust my hitch hiking skills. The start of the walk follows the Caithness Flagstone Trail, which is a short marked trail along the coast detailing the flagstone industry which was prevalent before the advent of Concrete. The geology of the area allowed for the production of slabs which were used for courtyards etc. The photo above gives an indication of how prevalent these natural stones could are.

Thurso is the last town of any significance on the north coast, and the next town comparable in size will be Ullapool on the west coast. So obviously I wanted to avail myself of its urban delights before I headed into the no-man’s land of the far north west. So I bought a bridie while waiting for the bus to take me back.