Dunbeath to Lybster. 7 Miles

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Inverness to John O' Groats - Scottish Coast Guide for walkers

Inverness to John O' Groats - Scottish Coast Guide for walkers

This was a fairly short walk and I wanted to squeeze it in before I went home. The route is once again along the A9 all the way to Lybster. The weather had eased a little on this walk and I set off along the route fairly early. Julie the JOG walker was going to be leaving us at Lybster and she was going to have a much bigger walk today, as she wanted to get all the way to Wick, which was a walk of 20+ miles. The walk was pretty uneventful, and I just churned away as usual. I passed the clan Gunn center, (photo above) which is just north of Latheron. The Centre tells the dramatic story of one of Scotland’s oldest clans, from its Norse origins to the present day and houses one of the most comprehensive records of clan genealogy. I also past the small village of Latheronwheel which was set up in 1835 by Captain Robert Dunbar, a landowner.


When I eventually got to the hotel at the top of the village at Lybster, Karen Julie and I had a refreshing cup of coffee and bid our farewells. I hope Julie made it to John O’Groats ok.

See the Map for this section and more Photos


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