Brora to Helmsdale. 11 Miles

August 10, 2006


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This walk starts with a lovely walk along a sandy beach outside Brora. However like all good things, they come to an end and its the start of a long hike up the A9. Not an awful lot to say about this walk – its what it says it does on the tin.



Inverness to John O' Groats - Scottish Coast Guide for walkers

Inverness to John O' Groats - Scottish Coast Guide for walkers

I left Brora to cover the short(ish) distance between Brora and Helmsdale. The start of the walk took me along the golf course at Brora and on to the beach. The rain came down as it had done yesterday and I resigned myself to just getting my head down and trying to keep the water from running down my back. I had a new lightweight rain jacket that karen had found lurking in the back shop that I wore. It managed to protect me from most of what the elements could throw at me, so I couldnt really complain. After I got to the edge of the beach I saw Julie plodding on ahead and I eventually caught up with her. She was heading for Helmsdale too, but it wasnt really possible to talk, because of the rain and the traffic; in any case sometimes I prefer just plodding along alone, especially when the weather is bad, and so I let her go ahead as she had a faster pace than I. I’m definitely from the lumbering along school of distance walking – I’ll get there when I arrive. Julie was much faster than me. The walk was pretty uneventful, and when we came to a small place outside Helmsdale called Portgower, I saw a sign for a cafe in Helmsdale called “Gilbert’s” Call me superstitious but how krazily spooky is that? Helmsdale was quite a nice place with new statue erected to the memory of the Highland clearances. We met Karen in the community hall and had a coffee and invited Julie for a meal in the van. Later we had a dram or two in the Bridge Hotel, but had an early night. I thought that the rain would subside but that night it blew a gale and the rain was just as heavy as it had been. Dont come to Scotland for the weather!

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