Tain to Loch Fleet. 16 Miles


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From Tain follow the main road outwards the Dornoch Bridge pasing the Glen Morangie distillery on the way. Cross the Dornoch Bridge and then access the beach which you follow all the way round to Dornoch rounding Dornoch Point. From Dornoch follow path around the golf course and then take the path that leads to Embo. Pass the leisure park there and carry right along following the beach around the point across from Littleferry. From here it is a short walk to the car park under the remains of the castle on the Southern shore of Loch Fleet where this walk ends.



Inverness to John O' Groats - Scottish Coast Guide for walkers

Inverness to John O' Groats - Scottish Coast Guide for walkers

This was a great walk and I met a woman called Julie (see photo above) today just as Karen and I were crossing the Dornoch Bridge. She sort of snuck up behind us and it was a surprise to see this woman carrying a 30Lb back pack. Julie was a wee bit younger than me and was finishing her walk from Lands End to John O Groats. This neck of the wood acts as a funnel for all the “Le Jog” walkers and cyclists. There were a few that passed us on their final leg north, as well as those that were just starting on their marathon journey. Julie was finishing her trip, having spent about 3 months on the road, and was looking forward to meeting up with her boyfriends who was motorbiking up the road to meet her. The three of met up at Dornoch for coffee; I walked around the coast, whilst Karen and Julie took the more remote route. Julie is really interested in Jacobite history and is hoping to get her first novel published. She says its a historical / mystery novel set during the 1745 Jacobite rebellion. I hope it all goes well with her and she gets the book published. And if you are reading this Julie, let me know if you finished your walk!!!

Dornoch is a lovely town and its the Dornoch Golf course is the jewel in the crown. Its a typical Scottish Links course and although I have never played it, I know that its well up there in the list of Scpottish Golf courses that have to be played. I was musing to myself that maybe when this walk is finished I might set myself to play every golf course on the Scottish coast. There must be hundreds of them, but the idea is starting to become more attractive. Anyone out there want to caddy for me?

Distance Covered: Walking: 16 miles

See the Map of this area and more Photos


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