Foulis Point to Invergordon. 9 Miles

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

This walk has to take you along the busy A9 road although there is a grass verge which makes it a little bit easier to walk on. Follow the A9 past Evanton until Ballachcraggan is reached and then the path that leads from the lay by out to Alness Point. The path wil ltake you through the distillery grounds and then picks up the B817 that leads to Invergordon. Go through Invergordon and carry on the shore road until Saltburn is reached.

The first part of this walk was a bit of a “head down and just get on with it” situation as it passed along the busy A9 that carries the traffic down from Wick and the north. However I’d recommend a stop off at the Foulis visitor centre for coffee which is on the route, albeit right at the start of the walk. The road is busy and it isnt until you get to Alness point that you can get off the main road. Getting away from the traffic is a nice distraction and the walk through the distillery makes a change too. Eventually you reach Invergordon which is dominated by the ship works on the outskirts of town. I imagine this is where rigs get fitted out or at least refitted before heading back out to the North sea. Invergordon itself has a wide main street and the town has commissioned various murals which can be seen on the exterior walls of some of the buildings. I wasnt really impressed by the place however as it had a kind of run down look to it despite the murals.

See Map for this section and more Photos


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