Ardesier to North Kessock. 13 Miles


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Inverness to John O' Groats - Scottish Coast Guide for walkers

Inverness to John O' Groats - Scottish Coast Guide for walkers

Unfortunately a lot of the travelling along this walk is on busy B roads and also the main A96 into Inverness. From Ardesier village head south and pick up the B9039 heading south. Continue along this road until it passes Castle Stewart and joins the main A96. (I tried to skirt around the castle and head down to the beach behind the old churchyard at the end of the road, but couldnt get down onto the beach so missed out on Alturlie Point) Follow the main road until you reach the turn off for Milton on the right. Then carry on this old road until it peters out at the railway bridge /main road junction. Scramble up the bank and pick up the main road again. Cross under the flyover and walk up the on ramp towards Kessock Bridge. Cross the bridge and head for the information point just over the other side.


Not such a good day; in fact the day’s walking is probably one of the most unrewarding. However it did give me a chance to test my renowned serenity, and practice muttering under my breathe. The road was busy and for most of the day I played a game called “let’s not end up as road kill” as I avoided the lorries on the main road. Then once I skirted Inverness the heavens opened up and I played the game called, “Lets see how wet I can get my pants from the water trickling down the back of my neck”. Needless to say I was NOT ammoozed.


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