Lossiemouth to Findhorn. 11 Miles.

June 5, 2006


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Aberdeen to Inverness Coastal Walk Guide

Aberdeen to Inverness Coastal Walk Guide

From Lossiemouth main street, follow the road to the harbour then head out west along the beach towards the lighthouse at Covesea. Passing the lighthouse, follow the cliff path that leads past the Sculptor’s cave onto the village of Hopeman. The route then carries on towards Burghead which has a lovely harbour but not much else. After Burghead, walk around the bay of Findhorn towards the village of Findhorn itself.



I missed a week off my walk because I had been called up for jury duty in the Perth High Court. I didnt get picked as a juror but the delay meant that I had to postpone my walk for a week, so I was raring to go when I got to Lossiemouth. The Scottish legal system certainly is a good one, but It takes its time getting things done. There were 30 of us in the jury room designed for 15 (Scotland has 15 jurors compared to other courts which has 12), and we were all stuffed into a hot room staring silently at one another and sweating a lot, while we waited on the the legal hold ups that would last all day. As my late grannie used to say, “It was like the black hole of Kentucky in there”.

I wasnt going to make the mistake I made last time of charging off and then hobbling along after the first day so I decided to take it easier and not to do too much on the first day back. A long stretch of the walk was along the beach towards Findhorn and I relished the opportunity to paddle along at the edge of the sea with my shoes off. Despite all my careful preparations, I still managed to culture a lovely blood blister on the sole of my foot which didnt help. (see more photos) The weather was perfect for 3 days and the sun shone all the way to Ardesier, which lies just outside Inverness. The walk around to Findhorn around the sandy Findhorn Bay was lovely and it was a day I’ll remember. Findhorn is a lovely friendly village and everyone seemed to be smiling – maybe that was the influence of the Findhorn Foundation which is a unique community of like minded people who live together in an ethical and eco friendly way. I received a kind invitation to stay over at the Foundation by Geoffrey Nina and Maira, to which all I can say thank you for your kindness but I wasnt able to take you up on your kind offer! (see my guestbook for their post)

Time Taken: 300 minutes Distance Covered: Walking: 17 miles, Biking: 0 miles