Kingston to Lossiemouth. 8 Miles


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This was a straightforward walk along a path that ran alongside a forest and a shingle beach that stretched almost the whole way until the shingle turned into a lovely sandy beach as Loissiemouth was approached.


Aberdeen to Inverness Coastal Walk Guide

Aberdeen to Inverness Coastal Walk Guide

We started off bright and early and left the van about 7.30 as Audrey needed to drive back to Fife for 3.30. The day wasnt as sunny as the previous few days and it was really difficult to start off because the blisters were really playing up now but I was easy to get started and I had my improvised walking stick that Audrey had found for me the previous day in the woods that I could lean on to take the weight off my legs a bit. The walk itself was pretty monotonous as the path itself was pretty rough and I needed to keep my eye on where I was walking. There wasnt anything to see in any case, as the path ran alongside the forest the whole way and yet was behind the shingle bank so that all we could do was hear the sea but not actually see it. It wasnt until we were a couple of miles outside Lossiemouth that the shingle beach turned into a lovely sandy one. When we got to Lossiemouth the place was really busy which was a real change from the last 8 miles where it felt really remote and away from everything.


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