Findochty to Kingston. 12 miles

Walk No. 36 When: 10 May 2006 From: Findochty To: Kingston


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Aberdeen to Inverness Coastal Walk Guide

Aberdeen to Inverness Coastal Walk Guide

From Findochty follow the path around past the golf course and enter into Buckie which is really a series of connected small villages: Portessie, Gordonsburgh, Seatown and Buckpool. After leaving Buckpool, the route follows the Speyside way which initially follows the disused railway track which then enters a pleasant forest track, which makes a real change from walking along by the sea. After coming out of the forest track you are at Spey Bay with the hotel in front of you. Walk around to the car park and visitor centre and follow the Spey Bay track back south which follows the river to the old railway bridge which crosses the Spey. Once across the Spey the path heads north again and passes through the village of Garmouth and then ends a mile further up the road at Kingston.


Another cracking day and I hobbled out the campervan to greet the new day. The sun shone and the first part of the walk took us into Buckie. We stopped in Buckie at a cafe for lunch and sat outside at the back of the cafe which was called Emma’s. It was lovely sitting there and It was difficult to motivate myself to get going again. However on we went, and after passing through Buckpool we turned left and started along a long straight section of the Speyside way built on a disused railway track. This section ended at railway bridge and soon turned into a forest which was a real change, as the cool of the shade was a pleasant relief. The smells of the fir trees and vegetation was something I had almost expected not to experience on this walk, certainly not on the east coast anyway. The forest walk ends almost at Spey Bay and then you have to travel south and cross the Spey at a converted railway bridge. From here the walk takes you north again for a couple of miles up to Kingston on the west side of the Spey river mouth.

Time Taken: 300 minutes Distance Covered: Walking: 11 miles, Biking: 0 miles

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