St Combs to Rosehearty. 11 Miles.

April 25, 2006


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Aberdeen to Inverness Coastal Walk Guide

Aberdeen to Inverness Coastal Walk Guide

From St Combs, walk through the village and follow the minor road and the path alongside the golf course until you reach Inverallochy. Round the corner towards Fraserburgh bay, but head inland as you will need to cross over the river that flows into the West Haven end of the bay, at the B9033 road. Cross the road and immediately turn right at the sign that says “Waters of Philorth” Follow the path to get back over the dunes and follow the bay round to Fraserburgh. Passing through Fraserburgh, you then head west to Rosehearty.


This was a great walk, the highlights being the lovely beach walk along the bay towards Fraserburgh, the fact that the sun came out!, and enjoying the chance to walk around Fraserburgh and have a proper sit down lunch at a cafe in the town called Mrs Bridges.

The walk started and the small fishing village of Inverallochy with the washing lines and all the fishermen’s cottages with their model boats in the windows felt like nothing had changed here for years.

Walking along the beautiful sands on Fraserburgh Bay was a real joy, as the sun shone and it felt that the wind and the waves were all that existed. Once Fraserburgh was reached, the evidence of it being a big fishing port was self evident. The smell of fish was teh first thing that was noticed and then the harbour with the deep sea fishing trawlers tied up in the harbour.

It was good to be able to sit down and have a meal at lunch time and take the weight of my legs for a while. I was served by a mildly eccentric waitress in the cafe I visited , which always makes my walk interesting if I bump into interesting people along the way. Fraserburgh still had the look of a town down on its luck a little. One of the big fish processing factories had closed down, and fishing is the mainstay of the town. Still the sun was shining. The walk to Rosehearty was along the side of the road and was a pleasant enough but I was glad when I saw the campervan in the distance and could get the kettle on.

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