Stonehaven to Portlethen: 9 Miles


NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

Dundee to Aberdeen Coastal Path

Dundee to Aberdeen Coastal Path

Not the most exciting walk on the trip so far. From Stonehaven the route takes you up along Stonehaven golf course and follow the minor road until it merges with the main A90 road which leads to Aberdeen. Unfortunately there is no other way around this route and you will have to travel north along this smain raod until you reach the turn off for Muchalls. There is a path up to the farm at Mains of Monduff, which then leads on to Newtonhill. The harbour at Newtonill is a sharp drop down from the cliff edge and the path then carries on up the other side of the sea ravine, skirting Cran Hill and then on to Downies. The path continues on towards Portlethen village and the ends about a mile further on at Portlethen

This walk was a bit tedious for a long way because of the necessity to travel along a very busy dual carriageway, the A90 heading towards Aberdeen. Although there is a pathway of sorts along next to it, the speed of the larger artic trucks almost dragged me a long in their slipstream. There were so many single occupancy cars, and I suddenly realised how much fuel each was using. Multiply that by the number of vehicles across the globe and you suddenly get a better idea of what all this must be costing th eearth in terms of pollution and expense. I have started to think much smaller – in that I tend to imagine my world exists only as far as I can see. With walking and cycling being my major means of transport (unless I catch a bus going back), I get to see things much closer up, with less hurry. I can literally stop and smell the flowers. Without sounding evangilical about this way of life, I think it wouldnt be such a bad thing if our lives were run at a much slower pace.

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