Inverbervie to Stonehaven:13 miles

September 27, 2005

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

From the main street at Inverbervie cross over the bridge and follow the main A92 heading north until the mnor road to the left is reached which is on the main cycle route. Follow this minor road passed Kineff and continue passed Whisteberry and then turn right down towards Hallhill to see the lighthouse at Toddhead. I couldnt find the path across the fields at this point, and ended up down a ravine which was a real nusisance as I had to negotiate a barbed wire fence to get out of it. So, it may be easier just missing out this diversion, and carying on the cycle route into Catterline. The route takes you past Catterline and northwards passed Cloak and then meets the main A92 road near Uras Knaps. Walk along this section of the main road and turn right toward Dunnotar castle. Passing the castle, walk along the cliff tops until Stonehaven is reached.


This walk was nearly all on minor roads with a bit of the A92 thrown in. I had problems getting the campervan started, and it looks as if the battery needs replaces. Fortunately I had been staying on camp sites, and I managed to get a jump start both times. The worst bit of the day for me was when I tried to get across a ravive that had a fence at the top of it with barbed wire on the top. It was a farcical situation, and it took me all of 15 minutes trying to get over it. There was meant to be a path bypassing the ravine but I couldnt find it. One thing it has taught me is to look at closely at the map when it comes to heights, or in the case of ravines, depths! The highlight of the walk was Dunnotar castle and the cliff walk along towards Stonehaven. The castle looks very impressive standing on its prominent position overlooking the sea and would have been a natural defensive position from both the sea and the land.