St Cyrus to Inverbervie :10 Miles

September 19, 2005

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here


From St Cyrus Bay follow the beach to the end and then climb up the path to the top of the cliffs. From the cliff top there are signs for the Nave Nortrail which is an organisation of countries which want to promote coastal tourism, and have developed a series of paths along the coast. The walk is quite straightforward and takes you along to Johnshaven where the route follows the cycle path to Gourdon and then around the corner to Inverbervie where this walk ends.

The walk along St Cyrus beach at the start was really a great way to begin any walk, and walking along the cliffs and wondering who would build a castle on the edge of a sheer promotory kept me amused for a while. (see more photos). The walk into Gourdon was interesting in one respect. I met what could have been a Mongolian or Nepalese man on a bike heading towards me. He couldnt speak any English at all, and had a speargun strapped to the cross bar of his bike. I should have asked if I could have taken a photo because it seemed rather outlandish at the time, especially as the road was pretty rough and it was the last place I’d expect anyone to attempt to cycle along. Definitely one for the memory banks.

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