Broughty Ferry to Carnoustie. 6.5 Miles

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The coast from Broughty Ferry goes around a spit of land called Buddon Ness which unfortunately is used by the army as a target practising area. When I reached the far end of Monifieth the red warning flags were flying which meant that the route I would have to take would be the main A930 which is a bit inland from the coast. The main road was followed until I came to a small village called Barry which is just outside Carnoustie. From here a track goes along next to the railway and the famous Carnoustie golf course, where the walk ends just behind the hotel


Dundee to Aberdeen Coastal Path

Dundee to Aberdeen Coastal Path

I had to walk along the amin road as detailed above for quite a long way because the beach was closed due to rifle firing on the army range. Right next to the range was the Carnoustie golf course which was the home for the “Open” golf tournament on numerous occasions. I wondered what the golfers, who no doubt had paid considerable green fees to play the course thought of the constant machine gun fire that must have put them off their game.

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3 Responses to Broughty Ferry to Carnoustie. 6.5 Miles

  1. M Holligan says:

    Now no need to go along main road at Barry Buddon as Cycle / pedestrian route skirts the range and golf course!

  2. stuart anthony says:

    About Barry Buddon and the shooting range.
    A Territorial Army member told me that if a member of the public chooses to walk along the beach even when the red flags are flying, then the army technically can’t stop them and MUST stop shooting until the area is clear. I have never put it to the test though!
    But yes I agree with M Holligan that the new cycle route is the best option. Walking by the main road must be a bit of an ordeal with all the traffic noise.

  3. claire says:

    Can I deduce from all this that I can cycle from Carnoustie to Broughty Ferry and be traffic free? I have a 4 year old who would be on a tag along, no way would we share a road with cars. Thanks for help. Claire

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