Leuchars to Tayport: 10 miles

The Fife Coastal Path Guide

The Fife Coastal Path Guide

From Leuchars railway station, follow the road north to the mini roundabout at Leuchars village. Turn right here and continue passed St Athernase Church on Earlshall road. This road will eventually lead to a track that takes you around Leuchars RAF base from the north. Previous walkers have commented on the estuary being really muddy and very difficult to cross from the south, so this route is recommended. Follow the track through Reres Wood and onto the beach on the north side of the Eden estuary.


You now have the lovely prospect of about 8 miles or so of paddling along a beautiful beach which takes you north up past the seal colony at the far end of Kinshaldy beach. Round the point and follow the track or cross the estuary directly to Tayport where this walk ends.

This was a great day’s walk apart from a couple of problems later. The first mistake I made was attempting to walk with just pair of walking sandals on. After half a mile the back of the leather on one of the sandals was rubbing against my heel and I developed a raw blister which was pretty painful. fortunately I knew that the rest of the walk I could paddle by going along the beach, which was absolutely fantastic. The Eden estuary was completetly deserted and I could have been a million miles from civilisation. Tentsmuir forest and the Kinshaldy beach are my favourite places in Fife for a walk and I was relishing this walk immensely. The seals at the far end of the point at the Tay were there as usual on their sandbank making their eerie cries across the sea, but unlike previous occasions, none of them were curious enough tocome up to me and have a look. I was disappointed as I wanted to get a decent photo of them. I did come across a dead seal on the beach that was stinking to high heaven, it looked as if it had been washed up fairly recently. I wonder who removes these these dead things from the beach? Later on i saw a dead deer by the side of the road as I was cycling back, I wondered the same about it too.

Once i hobbled back on to my bike I realised I had a rear flat tyre, but maintaining my positive attitude I consoled myself that it could have been both tyres that were flat; pretty pathetic I know, but hey ho. I cycled back on it nonetheless and booked by bike off in the cycle shop in St Andrews to get them to put NASA researched non puncture fabby dozy kevlar tyres on. I half expected the guy , who was real bicycle geek to refer to the tyres as “these babes”, as in “these babes wont let you down”. He didnt, and I was mildly disappointed.

Click here for a guide to the Fife Coastal Path

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here


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