Elie to Pittenweem. 5 Miles

This is a straightforward short walk from Elie harbour car park through St Monans and onto Pittenweem. It is well signposted and is part of the Fife Coastal Walk

The Fife Coastal Path Guide

The Fife Coastal Path Guide

This walk was a short walk and one that I had done previously on a few occasions. The highlights of the walk for me is seeing the windmill which was used to drive the salt pans; salt being a commodity which pretty scarce a few hundred years ago. (Click on the photo of the Windmill for more details). Also the church at St Monans is a fascinating one, it has hundreds of years of history going back to David II in 1296 who commissioned it to be built in the 13th Century.


St Monans itself is a lovely little Fife fishing port, with its characteristic Fife fishing cottages with the red roof slates which were imported originally from Holland, and the step gabled end walls on the houses. There is a great little community cafe called the green cafe which is great value for food and is a welcome refuelling stop.

When I walked on to Pittenweem I realised I had arrived in the middle of the Pittenweem Arts festival which is held in Ausgust every year. Unusually for an art festival, the whole village turns itself into a huge exhibition area. There were at least 100 different “galleries” or “venues” where you could look at original works of art. The venues ranged from garages, to gardens, and there was even a few venues which were in people’s livingrooms. It seems that if it was possible to hang a painting somewhere, it was turned into a venue of some sort. It was unusual walking around a coast to be confronted by what is usually a very quite fishing village being turned into a giant street party. There was even a mobile van at the harbour selling Cullen Skink, a Scottish dish which is best described as a type of “fish soup” Ive seen it in some restuarants in Scotland, but never sold out of a van at £2 a pop. Long may it continue!

NEW! See the campaign for a National Coastal Path for Scotland. Click HERE

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