Kirkcaldy to Leven: 10 Miles

The Fife Coastal Path Guide

The Fife Coastal Path Guide

From the end of the esplanade at Kirkcaldy, walk to the end then follow the main road up the hill to the park at Ravenscraig castle. The route will take you through the park, across a grassy area and then through a tunnel in the rock which leads unto harbour at Dysart. Pass through Dysart, then West and East Wemyss with their famous caves with Pictish drawings. The area then gets built up as you go through Buckhaven and Methil. The walk ends at the start of the esplanade at Leven just at the Methil Power Station.

I arrived at Kirkcaldy only to realise I had left my walking shoes behind and realised I was going to have to walk 10 miles in the shoes I had on, which was going to be fun as they weren’t much better than carpet slipper. As it turned out- thew were really comfy and I had no blisters at the end of it. Maybe I’ll do that more often. The walk took me through the lovely fishing village of Dysart and past the caves at Wymss. The caves have various Pictish markings in them and were the subject of a channel 4 ‘time team’ program. I have been fascinated by Pictish symbols for a time. The fact that they appear all over the east of Scotland especially, with their repeating patterns of broken arrows, mirrors, wild beasts etc. Although they have been extensively catalogued, no one has been able to decipher their meaning. This is due to the lack of any written material left by the Picts. Further on I passed through Buckhaven and Methil- two places that had seen better days- the Kvaerner Oil Rig yard seemed to be the major employer- but am sure its days are limited when the petro-chemical industry starts to decline. On the way back I got soaked on my bike, but that was the first rain to fall in any amount since the start of July, so I cant complain.

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