Tantallon to Aberlady. 7.5 Miles

Bass Rock

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From Yellow Craig Park on the west side of North Berwick, follow the path west towards the end of Broadsands Beach. Pass the big house called Marine House on the O.S map and onto Gullane Bay. Carry on along the sands at Gullane Bay and then head to Aberlady via Aberlady Bay. There is a short foot bridge which allows a crossing over the burn near Luffness at the cart park.


John Muir Way Walk Guide

John Muir Way Guide Book

Today was a hot day but fortunately for me there was a cool haar (a sea mist) rolling in from the sea which cooled me down. It was eerie though as it meant I couldnt see the sea for further than about 20 yards. I could hear the horns of boats out on the Firth of Forth. For a while I felt isolated from the rest of the world as there was noone around from when I left Broadsands beach until I reached Gullane sands. Later on, I took a photograph of a tanker out on the Forth with the wall of Haar behind it like a thick smoky veil. Gullane Bay was a lovely sandy bay and also a naturist beach, as I noticed one or two men in the dunes “doing their thing”. For some reason they reminded me of marmosets; popping up among the dunes to have a quick look as I passed and then retreating back down into the dunes. As I rounded the point at Aberlady, I was in the nature reserve, and there was a sign telling people to keep away from the tern breeding areas. Aberlady was at the end of the walk and looked like a pleasant enough place. Like Gullane and to a lesser extent, these small places are very neat and tidy, but seem to be filled with Miss Jean Brodie’s “Girls” all old and wrinkly. Definitely Lothian Ladies who Lunch.

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