Dunbar to Tyninghame. 9 miles

June 27, 2005

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John Muir Way Walk Guide

John Muir Way Guide Book

From Dunbar Harbour follow the cliff top trail around past the golf course until you come to the bridge crossing the Tyne. I decided to follow the John Muir trail although at low tide you could cross the Tyne by wading across thereby saving a long walk to the Tyninghame bridge across the Tyne which adds about 5 miles to the journey! (I crossed the Tyne quite safely coming back at the sandbank near the Spit of land at the end of the John Muir Country Park- but be careful as I dont know how fast the tide comes in at this point) The John Muir trail follows the estuary and eventually crosses the Tyne at the Tyninghame bridge on the A198. (at this point the John Muir trail heads west to East Linton). You must carry up the A198 and walk along the long straight road called the Limetree walk until the car park is reached. From here there is a short bridle path which takes you to the beach at Tyne Sands where this walk ends.

This was a straight forward short walk around the Tyne Estuary. I could see across the mud flats at my end point, which was at most half a mile distance, but because I had to follow the Estuary all the way around it was almost a 5 mile “detour”. At first it was frustrating knowing that I would have to take the long road around, but then I realised that Scotland is full of sea lochs, especially on the west coast, which will throw up this problem time and time again.

I reminded myself that it was the journey that was important and not striving for the finishing point every day and that I would have to be very relaxed about reaching the finish. A metaphor for one’s life I suppose.

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