Telegraph Hill to Pease Bay. 3 miles

June 20, 2005

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From the radio mast follow the tarmac road down until it meets the A1107 and follow the road until you come to the track leading to Redheugh fram – choose the track that leads down to the point in front of the farm rather than the one that leads to the farm itself. Follow the road past Cambus Mains east ten Cambus west. From here rejoin the the A1107 for a few hundred yards until it joins with the road leading down to Pease Bay where this walk ends.


Looking at the map the night before, I could see that there was going to be all down hill to Pease Bay and therefor there was no advantage in leaving my bike at Pease Bay because I would only end up having to push it all the way back up the hill. I decided therefore just to walk there and back, a short walk as it was only about 7 miles in total there and back. From the radio mast at the top of the hill I could see far up the coast. From the vantage point I could see 3 major land marks; the nuclear power station at Torness, the Cement works just south of Dunbar, and the Bass Rock which lay just off North Berwick The walk itself was pleasant enough and only took me about an hour and a half to reach Pease Bay. When i reached the large caravan park that lies behind Pease bay I stopped for a while and spoke to a woman from Hexham who sand the praises of the north east of England was a place to visit. I’m sure I will meet many people like her who are really happy with where they live. To be fair though she had travelled a fair bit and had crossed Canada from Vancouver to Nova Scotia. maybe that will be my next trip

Time Taken: 120 minutes Distance Covered: Walking: 3 miles, Biking: 1 miles